The Piano Course will be held from 12th to 16th July, 2020.

Active Participants

Participation Full Fee: 300 Euros in Croatian Kunas (HRK) / i.e. 250 + 50 euro for the registration fee (deposit). The registration fee is not refundable.

(The Full Fee does not include travel, accommodation and insurance for participants travelling from abroad.)

Each active participants will be guaranteed a daily lesson and the participation in the final concert.

For further information, please contact our Foundation: [email protected]

Expiration date: 30th May, 2020.


The course is aimed at international students of all ages.
The course will be activated if a minimum of 4 active participants is reached and a maximum of eight students. Lesson duration will be determined by Maestro Plano, which will depend on the number of participants and their needs.

Participants are required to indicate clearly their arrival and the departure date in the entry form; in absence of the required information, missed assigned lessons cannot be either recovered or refunded. The repertoire of individual courses should be indicated in the enrollment form.
As part of the registration, participants will be asked to submit their repertoires (to be inserted in the spaces provided in the enrollment form or as attachments).
Course attendants are requested to provide their music scores, parts of piano sheets and reductions of the pieces of music they intend to play.
The official language of the course will be English.
Admission Criteria
Maestro Roberto Plano will evaluate the enrollment applications received.

The first eight students’ applications in order of their arrival will be accepted.

Admission Criteria

Maestro Roberto Plano will evaluate the enrollment applications received.

The first eight students’ applications in order of their arrival will be accepted.

Duration of the Course

Lessons will be held from 12th afternoon to 16th afternoon July. Participants will receive the official timetable in time.

Each student will be guaranteed a daily lesson. All students will perform at the Final Concert.

All students will be guaranteed the possibility of daily individual three-hour study in appropriate facilities.

All students must have concert dresses or suits.

Registration and Frequency Conditions

Application and Payment

You can register online by filling in the online form on

Applications must be made by fully completing the appropriate form and should include:

• personal data
• music training course
• a recent photo
• curriculum
• piano repertoire to be presented at the Masterclass

All applications must be received by 30th May, 2020. Once you have received confirmation of your application a Registration Fee i.e. a deposit is required to secure the place. This needs to be sent within two weeks of confirmation with the note “free of charge of the recipient”, or we will assume you are not able to attend.

If you are not within the European Union, each bank will charge a transaction fee. Please make sure that you pay both (i.e. the tuition fee and the transaction fee).
In the unlikely event of the Masterclass being cancelled, your deposit will be refunded.
The Participation (Full) Fee must be paid within 8th June, 2020.

IBAN: HR03 2340 0091 1104 6432 3
Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Important: Specify the name of the student and the cause of payment.

Withdrawal from Participation

For written cancellations by the day of the application deadline, the participation fee will be refunded besides the registration fee i.e. deposit will, however, be retained. Please always indicate your bank account in case of cancellation. A refund of the participation fee for withdrawal after the day of the application deadline is only possible in proven cases of force majeure (e.g. illness, accident ). Such withdrawal must be effected before the Masterclass begins. For later cancellations the course fee will be retained.

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