Session minutes

Minutes of the extended meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors. The meeting was held at the premises of the Foundation on 30th October, 2017, at 5.30 p.m.

Members Present: m.d. Marisa Sciolis Škrapić, president; members: Sanja Petrić, arch. and prof. Viviana Benussi;
External Collaborator Present: prof. Massimiliana Brajković

Members Apologies : prof. Maria Sciolis and prof. Vlada Možè.

The President of the Foundation proposes the following


  1. Examination of the proposal of the Piano Festival Rules and Regulations open to young pianists from the Regions Istria, Primorsko-Goranska Županija, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the UWC of the Adriatic/ ONLUS, Duino
  2. The Piano Masterclass 2018 (information);
  3. Appointment of the Board of Directors;

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Professor Massimiliana Brajković presents the Proposal of the Piano Festival Rules and Regulations (attach.) unanimously approved. Prof. Massimiliana Brajković will provide its publishing on the Foundation website.

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Prof. Viviana Benussi illustrates the Foundation new initiative i.e. the organization of The First International Piano Masterclass which will take place in Rovinj-Rovigno from 5th to 9th July, 2018.
The Masterclass will be held by Maestro Plano who will also hold a concert (organized by “Maistra”) in the Hotel Lone on 4th July,2018.
The Piano Masterclass Regulations will be put in the agenda of the next board meeting.

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In accordance with the article 9 of the Statute of the Foundation “Dr.Ing.Dino Škrapić,MBA”, the founder and the President of the Foundation appoints the board members, namely:

m.d. Marisa Sciolis Škrapić, President
prof. Viviana Benussi, Vice-President

Prof. Maria Sciolis, member
Arch. Sanja Petrić, member
Maura Colomban, member
Prof. Massimiliana Brajković, member

The President of the Foundation
m.d. Marisa Sciolis Škrapić

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